The Fruit of Prayer is Faith, the fruit of Faith is Love, the fruit of Love is Peace, the Fruit of Peace is Service to Mankind

Morning zikr as taught by the Qutubs

Morning zikr with instructions as taught by the Qutubs of Allah who came into the blessed Ummat of Rasool Allah saaw. This zikr helps a seeker to establish a firm foundation to build his spiritual journey on and to dive deep into one’s own self. This zikr also helps as a cushion against mishaps, pitfalls, obstacles that come in life as one goes through the self-realization process. The zikr also helps in going deeper into the internal zikr of the self which is deeper than the external zikr. This zikr should be continued to be recited daily, in the end of times that we live in its trials and tribulations.


Qutubiyat in the traditional way at Dafur-Jilani in Srilanka

Locals under the leadership of Sayeed Ismail Bukhari Thangal at the Masjid of Gaus-ul-Azam Shiekh Abdul Qadir Jilani, where he spent time in deep meditation

Zikr and Meditation

Aid to help in Meditation

A short video to introduce and aid the seeker in the meditation process and help still his mind and go deeper into one’s own self. The Monkey mind as Qutub  Bawa Muhayudden rahu explains it , bombards the seeker with thousands of thoughts per second and one can only go deeper into this path once one has learned to atleast understand one’s one mind, try to help control swings of the mind, try to become calmer as an individual and then with Divine Knowledge and zikr dive deeper into the beautiful journey of self-discovery and illlalahu


Khatm-e-Quran at Mazaars of Qutubs of Allah ( Hadrat Allauddin Ali Ahmed Sabir Pak, Kaliyar Sharif)

Completion of the recitation of the Holy Quran with asking of duas (prayers) at the end, which is done every Thursday evening at resting place of the Qutubs of Allah