The Fruit of Prayer is Faith, the fruit of Faith is Love, the fruit of Love is Peace, the Fruit of Peace is Service to Mankind

Sufi Qalam , Mehfil-e-Sama

 Traditional Sufi Qawwali songs inspires/helps a seeker to do soul searching and go deeper to understand our loving Creator, Prophets, Messenger, Qutubs and Awliyas.

A Sufi Group of singers at Nagore Sharif, Tamilnadu, India

Song praising Bawa Muhayudden  rahu

A Sufi Qawwali singer at Kaliyar Sharif, Roorkee, India

Song praising Hadrat Sabir Pak rahu and Imam Sahib

A Sufi Naat on Greatness of Hadrat Hussain rahu (Grandchild of RasoolAllah Saaw)