The Fruit of Prayer is Faith, the fruit of Faith is Love, the fruit of Love is Peace, the Fruit of Peace is Service to Mankind

Journey of Self Discovery and Understand my own Reality

Who am I, what am I?

A journey into the self, whom I call me and the society around calls me with a name given by my parents or near of dear ones. An attempt to connect to the ordinary mind initially and question it, then try to dive deeper into the heart and then the slow but sure transformation of the thought process, the vibration into the enlightened Mind, which sees the light of the Soul within me, which sustains all the functions of my body and keeps my existence on the planet earth alive in a materialistic plane. The Soul then moving into higher levels of consciousness into the reality and the oneness of the Universe and the collective consciousness. Reflect on your thoughts intention And action in such a way that only truth ..ya haqq remains as the only authority in life.


Essentials of the Spiritual Journey

The seeker who starts this journey has every possibility to get disillusioned and lose focus because of the chaos we human beings have descended into. The topics discussed here in this talk will help energize the individual and reveal deep secrets of the Laws that govern one’s existence on this planet. For example, why was I born in this country, who chose my parents, who chose the society and or social status or custom or religion I would be born into , is there a choice for me before this human birth which was gifted to me or free will is just a billboard slogan  and if there is a free will, how much does one really have ?

The topics discussed here discusses intentions, qualities and discipline needed in this path to go deeper into higher levels of consciousness. It also lays out clearly the consequences of good and bad intentions, actions and the universal laws that govern every being in the Universes Allah has created

Journey of Self Discovery