The Fruit of Prayer is Faith, the fruit of Faith is Love, the fruit of Love is Peace, the Fruit of Peace is Service to Mankind


The Fruit of Prayer is Faith, the fruit of Faith is Love, the fruit of Love is Peace, the Fruit of Peace is Service to All the Creation of Allah like the rain and sunshine that falls on all the creation equally without differentiating between religion, race, ethnicity, rich or poor in society.

We Human Race are the leaders of this planet whom Allah has trusted us the care off the , planet and its billions of species. We human race can protect, nurture and sustain a healthy life both materialistic and spiritually on this earth, if we individually and collectively evolve into higher level of consciousness, realizing that we are not apart from each other but are tied collectively to a common destiny. We can choose to give rise to an individual ego based on my religion, my country, my race, my ethnicity, my culture, my status in society and countless of reasons to separate over selves from the others, where the individual ego thrives and prides or choose to connect to the Divine and understand that the “The Kingdom of God” exists in All” and just be human.

The base rule being that each one of us when making an intention or decision, or doing an act, which has consequences on one’s own self, immediate family, society, community, state, country, continent, world or the Universe will do it out of compassion and mercy and will try our best to keep the individual ego out of the equation to the best of one’s ability.

This truth has been revealed to sages, messengers, prophets and enlightened souls on this earth, since the dawn of Adam and Eve, around 200 million years ago on our beautiful planet, whom we call our home.
This website is an attempt to go deeper into spirituality from a Sufi perspective at the level of Haqiqat and Marifa in Islamic Spirituality. Other spiritual paths which also lead human to enlightenment are also briefly discussed on this website. The spiritual knowledge discussed here is mostly as revealed to the Qutubs of the Ummat of Rasool Allah saaw.

The website also tries to help the seeker to understand the Sufi perspective of Islamic spirituality to realize the reality of one’s own self and hence all creations of Allah, who share the planet earth with me and to go deeper into one’s own self and seek the answer of who am I à where did I come from à and where am I going?
But more importantly before each of of us answer the above question, try to identify, who in reality is the Iness or the self whom I identify as me, with a name given by parents. Is that who I am or there is more to it?
The topics covered in the journey and the zikr and the explanation of the path tries to expose the seeker and encourage him or her to connect to one’s own consciousness (Soul) and proceed beyond to higher levels of spirituality.

It is a journey from the Mind to the Heart and into the Soul. It is a beautiful journey of self-discovery if I truly love my soul and want to do the best I can with all the ability Allah has bestowed on me by blessing me with a human birth, the most intelligent and sophisticated species on this planet among the billions of creations of Allah, who share the planet earth with me.

We sincerely hope that you benefit out of this website and please do contact us back for any comments or clarifications. Our prayer to Allah à May the most Merciful and Beneficent Creator, bless all the billions of creations in the 18000 universes He has created, protects and sustains --- Ameen