The Fruit of Prayer is Faith, the fruit of Faith is Love, the fruit of Love is Peace, the Fruit of Peace is Service to Mankind

Introduction to ilm-e-Qutubiyat

Introduction into the knowledge of Qutubiyat, what Qutub Bawa Muhayudden rahu talks about this topic. How does this stream of knowledge help a seeker in the self-discovery process? What do I need to know before I enter this path and what can I expect?

How will I benefit from this stream of knowledge and how would this path affect or change my thought process ?


Zabiha (Animal Sacrifice and their Plight)

The ritual of Animal sacrifice, which has become billions of dollar Hallal meat industry today. Was this the way prescribed by Rasool Allah saaw ?  

An attempt to go back in history and time and try to understand the social order, situation of the society 1400 years before in Arabia and the collective consciousness of the society at that time. The daunting task faced by Rasool Allah saaw, his immediate family and companions who stood with him during his mission. Finally, where do we stand and how much deep do I have an understanding on the topic of Zabiha and implementation of this practice in my life. More importantly does what I eat affect my spirituality or they are independent of each other?

Understanding the path of Qutubiyat